OCED Banner

Just completed my “OCED” lampshade banner. Will be printed off and put on display for the final year showcase, looking forward to displaying my work, enjoi. (click image to enlarge) Advertisements

“TASPK” Bedside Table Design

Just like OCED, I also just took a series of photographs for TASPK, my bedside table deisgn in the photography studio, again really happy how the photographs came out although there is some editing that still needs to be done, again hope you enjoi the photographs. Shot #1 Shot #2 Shot #3 Shot #4 Shot #5 Shot #6 … Continue reading

IKEA Crew Model Crew Shot #2

Just a crew shot of the scale models the boys at Enmore Design Centre made, hope you like.

“OCED” Lampshade

Just took a series of photographs of my lampshade in the photography studio, really happy how they came out although there is some editing that still needs to be done, home you enjoi. Shot #1 Shot #2 Shot #3 Shot #4   Shot #5 (Preparation)      

Model of my bedside table design “TASPK”

Model of my bedside table design “TASPK”, going to be professionally photographed this coming Wednesday!

“Klubbo” Coffee Table Bracket Render (solidworks)

“Klubbo” Coffee Table Bracket Render (solidworks) I just created, hope you like lads.

IKEA “Klubbo” Coffee Table (solidworks)

Klubbo Coffee Table On friday i created a IKEA “klubbo” coffee table on solidworks. To render the product I used a solidworks program photoview, enjoi.

Bedside Table Concept/Design

  Some rendered and altered designs from my original TASPK concept drawing.

Rendered Stool

Just uploaded this image of a rendering excerise I completed today. Each member of the class was given the stool outline, but had to render the object ourselves expressing our individual drawing styles.

LEGO Car Rendered (solidworks)

Another image of the car i put together today. The car has been rendered on the computer, enjoi. (click on image to see full picture)